You know besides my child, dogs, husband, niece, family, etc. I have many other loves of my life.

Humphrey Bogart. At 28, I’m crazy in love with Bogie. Why? He is not the best looking man, and he is not the most articulate. To tell you the truth, it took me a while to give him a chance. I couldn’t figure out the lure of him. Finally i decided to give him a shot. I chose the most unusual film to watch first. Dark Passage. Film Noir at its finest. Please, I’f you have not seen this one go, go now. Order it on amazon!
It’s the story about a man who escapes from prison and undergoes an operation to change his appearance. For a Bogart vehicle, it’s odd you do not see him until about 45 minutes into the movie. Lauren Bacall plays the beautiful sweet love interest of bogies, and Agnes Moorhead play the awful, orange loving Madge. I wont give away spoilers but, this films ending breaks with classic film laws. I was drawn in right away and here, 6 years later as I type this I see my Bogart Collection, Casablanca poster and dark passage poster around the room and thank god I gave in to the charm of Bogart. His gruff voice, face, and ruggedness is unmatched. There will never be another.

Cary Grant. How do you not love this sexy beast? That accent, dimple, laugh…I want to faint dead away thinking about him. I’ve loved him from day one. The greatest film ever made was no doubt The Philadelphia Story. But, I will mention my first Grant Film, His Girl Friday. This is the definition of smart comedy. everyone knows this film. It’s a great film for both men and women, romance, comedy and action. I think this is why Cary Grant is universal, men want to be him and woman want to Marry him. It’s nearly impossible to say one Grant film is your favorite. I do have mine and stand by it 100% but, I start to think, well I laugh so hard at The Awful Truth. I could and have watched Only Angels have wings a million times, North by northwest is iconic! But, then I go back to the first 15 seconds of The Philadelphia story and am quickly reminded why this gem is above all, the best of cinema. I can honestly say there is not one Grant film I don’t love. But if all of his films, I feel Holiday is one of the most under appreciated. It is my husbands favorite CG film. Why do you never hear someone say, I think Holiday is One of the best? I know Hepburn was labeled box office poison at the time but, this is a great film. Every time I watch it, I’m dumb struck at the lack of excitement over it. I’ve wondered for year’s why this is and still do not have an answer.

William Powell. Two words; Thin Man. This is really all you need to say. He is funny, charming and handsome. Many of my favorite quotes came from him. “they didn’t get anywhere near my tabloids” funny now but for me given the time of that film, it’s hilarious! Nobody can argue the chemistry between Powell and Loy. But, I find magic in him and eX-wife Carole Lombard’s performance in My man Godfrey. I don’t really feel the love from him for her, but I love the performances! And find them both very funny. If I have to choose a favorite of mine that does not include the Thin Man series, it would be Love Crazy. Powell in drag; funny. Jack Carson; funny and when his evil mother in law slips on the rug and he says, “what a stupid place for a rug”; really funny. I’m not a laugh out loud while watching a film kind of girl, but that one gets me every time! I feel so sad at the under appreciation for him this day and age. you know him and love him, I know him and love him but, if I mention his name around my mom, sister, friends, or boss….I get a blank stare. Everyone knows Bogart, Grant, Stewart, and Tracey. Why do they not know Powell? He was a comic genius! A screen powerhouse! I vow to get a shirt that just says “William Powell” and his photo on it. Maybe that’s a start of his recognition in my area!

These are just three of the loves of my life. I see them daily, watch them monthly and praise them continuously. As the TCM promo says,
“films are in my blood”
When I’m old and bed bound, I expect to watch nothing but my classic films, and read nothing but my biographies. My grandkids will hate me for preaching the “good word of classic films” but by God they will know lines from Dark Passage, Laughs from Holiday, and who William Powell is and that he is pretty damn amazing.
Even if it kills them, they will know!