What exactly does this mean? Well, I guess it is what I think personally for myself was the Programming hit and misses this year.

We all have an opinion, How could they have this star and not this movie?

These just happen to be my personal opinion’s on this years Scheduling.

2012 Summer Under The Stars Scheduling Hits

Thursday August 2nd, Myrna Loy Day was a major hit, as it always is in my home. Let’s face it. Primetime is called Prime Time for a reason. It is really the only part of the day that most of us can actually sit down to watch a movie. The choices from 1:00PM starting with Libeled Lady and going right through the Thin Man at 11PM was a great choice. We got to enjoy some of our personal favorites from the moment we got off of work until we went to bed. Those included, Mr. Blandings builds his dream house and The Best Years of our Lives. It was a great schedule choice!

Saturday August 4th, was Marilyn Monroe Day. Over the years I have slowly gotten over the Mass Produced image that I knew her by. I have now come to appreciate the very witty and sweet comedic actor she was. I was thrilled her day fell on a Saturday. I got to enjoy some old favs and find some new favs. I know this may sound crazy but, I really enjoyed River of no Return! who knew? I always enjoy Niagara, The Seven Year Itch, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the most amazing of all movies Some like it Hot.


August 5th, Claude Raines. Don’t even get me started on my monster crush and love affair with Claude Raines. Love him, Love him, Love him! Four Daughters, Four Wives and Four Mothers on that morning were fabulous! I was so happy this fell on a Sunday where I could do nothing but plant myself in front of the TV. Mr. Skeffington my all time favorite Claude film was on at 9:30. This teetered on my love/hate timing list. I will go with it was a hit…only a little bit though. It started early enough to get attention but, ended a little to late. I hope that people who were seeing it for the first time stayed up to catch it all, especially the end. (sniff) Its just soooo good!!!

Friday, August 10th. Lionel Barrymore. Another one of my personal Fav’s. Grand Hotel on at 10:15 am not great for me, but the Prime Time slot of You Cant Take It With You was just fabulous. I wish they did show this film more on TCM. It is just wonderful and how can you not fall in love with Lionel Barrymore over and over in this film. Bravo!


TCM 2012 Summer Under The Stars Scheduling Misses

August 4th, Marilyn Monroe Day, Big Miss here in my opinion. How to Marry a Millionaire was not on until midnight. Big Big Miss. This is one of my favorite films and one of Marilyn’s funniest. I feel it earned at least a 5:00 p.m. time slot or even 1:00 p.m. Since it was a Saturday, people could possibly be home. We are showcasing talents here and that is one of her greatest films in my opinion. It easily deserved better than midnight.


Tuesday, August 7th, Sidney Poitier Day was a huge miss for me. Two of my personal fav’s were not shown at all this year. I know they need to show a bit of everything and something new. Guess who’s Coming to Dinner and The Defiant Ones. I was very sad to not see at least The Defiant Ones make the cut. But, again I understand, we need to make way for unseen or seldom seen films. Just sad, that’s all.


Wednesday, August 8th, Rita Hayworth. Gilda on at Midnight. Big Miss. Enough Said.

Sunday, August 12th. Ginger Rogers. I was very sad that Kitty Folye was aired 11:00 am. She won an Oscar for this role, it is a wonderful film and should have been shown at 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm, or at least 9:00 pm. We know and love her dancing films yes, but Kitty Foyle really showcases major talent.

Monday, August 13th. Deborah Kerr Day. From here to Eternity at 12:15am? Really? And No An Affair to Remember? Boo. Just Boo. 

Wednesday, August 15th, Lillian Gish. Great Choice, However I would have loved to have this day on a Saturday or Sunday. That is the only problem.


What were some of your hits and misses the first half of August 2012?