Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing ever possibly in the least ever happens here. Mother, how do you get smallpox?

 To prove my inner and sometimes outer “nerdom” I have checked something off my Bucket List:
To my all time favorite film “The Philadelphia Story” in a theater. CHECK!
Better yet, to see it with people whom I love, CHECK! 
This was an early birthday celebration for myself. 
Again, what NERD would have a early birthday celebration for them self? 
This nerd. 
I gathered my sister, brother in law and hub’s together to make the two hour drive to see this film. My brother in law is not a black and white film fan so it was even more special that he agreed to go. 
The theater was a small independent place that was decorated amazingly. Complete with a Lionel Barrymore & Orsen Wells autograph among others on the wall, posters and great little murals. The theater only seated 100 and I was sad to see it didn’t fill up. Shame, Shame people! It went off with out a hitch….well nearly. The projector got jammed and burned the film. For you other film lovers, you can imagine how it was physically painful for me to witness. Besides that the company was great, the pop filled with crack (lol) was amazing and the popcorn delicious.  
I plan to donate many dollars to this theater and visit more often! 
It was a blast. Here is your personal photo tour of one of the most fun nights I have had! Enjoy! 
Oh, and I urge you to see the single greatest film of all time ASAP!


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THE BIRDS & HITCH = Awesomeness.
Yep, I went there. I had to pose with everyone in front of the Marquee.
I want this.
I nearly cried I was so happy.

After the movie, we went out to eat. I found a place that serves Moose Drool on tap. 
I was 2 for 2 and everything was coming up Milhouse for me. 

The greatest beer on earth, Moose Drool.
BBQ & Bacon Burger. HMFS!!!!


After we caught a delicious meal and a few drinks, we went on a little walking tour of downtown. It was the most beautiful night and we had a great time. I cant wait to do it again…soon! His Girl Friday will be playing in a few weeks…hmmm……

Yep, had to go back at night. It was awesome!
Oh, just for fun. This a VERY REAL screen shot of my phone. I love it.
How can you have a bad weekend when this is what you see at the beginning of it?
The Sista with one of the many great artistic “deals” around the theater.