""Why don't you come up sometime and see me?"

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I have been a blogger for about a year. I have tried to blog about Classic Films in my personal blog but I always get nothing back, no comments, no love, nothing. It hit me that, my friends and family just don’t get it. So, I decided to stop talking about it there and start a new blog dedicated to nothing but my love of the Classics!

I’m not a pro blogger. I’m not a Film expert. I’m just a fan.

Besides that I can tell you im in my late 20’s, Live in rural Nebraska, have a beautiful and wonderful son who is a huge Bogart, Harold Lloyd and Silent Film Man.  I work for a newspaper and my hobbies include traveling, photography and watching classics.

Among my favorites are: Speedy,  The Thin Man Series, The Philadelphia Story, Key Largo, The Women, And so so so so many more. I could go on for Days.


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