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I have quite a few theories in life. But these two are my favorites, Every morning no matter where I am, I turn on the tv the second I wake up to check TCM. I feel that the film that is on the moment I wake up will set the tone for my entire day. I know this is loopy and idiotic but, I know on days like today when I turn on the TV, and a Bogart film is on, I will have a great day.
I swear I’m not a total weirdo. What is better than seeing Bogart’s face first thing in the morning? The day I was married my all time favorite film was on (the Philadelphia story), the day my son was born (dark passage), the day my niece was born (the long long trailer) and my niece who was planned to be named Lucy after Lucille Ball months before, came into the world during an I love Lucy marathon. These are all small ways I find my theory to be true. I have my iPhone TCM app and my Now Playing but never check the morning schedule. I like to be surprised, and imagine its fate.
Speaking of these events, my son whose middle name was nearly Bogart is also a fan of classics. My second theory, Raise your children with a knowledge of classic films.
He is 6 and his favorite Bogart film at the moment is Key Largo.
In true little boy fashion he loves the bad guys, hero, guns and hurricane. I don’t recommend this film for all kids, however I had no problem letting him watch it. I know that when I sit down with one of these classic films that I will not have to explain the curse words or sex. I believe that children should watch more of these classics! My son can tell you who his favorite silent actors are (Harold Lloyd, buster Keaton and Chaplin) and he can tell you who is favorite “talkie” actors are (bogart, grant, William Powell, frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn) why Hepburn? Well he thinks she and I look similar and I love that.
My mother gives me a hard time about this but, my boy can quote Bogie. Yes, he still loves sponge bob and I never force him to watch theses films with me. He just enjoys them. He grew up with them.
I believe that allowing him to watch these films with me will teach him, proper English, history, hats and ties are classy, and a passion for traveling.
I promise to get more specific films soon. I just wanted to add a blog as I lay here in bed with my coffee and Bogie. Happy Sunday.



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