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Here I am again having to blog from my phone. (damn computer). On this particular Friday night I decided to finally sit down with my Rosalind Russell biography I found for 10 cents a few years ago. As I read the introduction I saw the word Skeffington. It did not refer to the film but my brain decided to go there, and as I read on I couldn’t stop thinking about Bette Davis and Claude Raines. so, I dug and found my DVD. It’s been about 6 months since I’ve watched it so, whats a better way to start my weekend?

As I sit here I realize how sad it always makes Me.

Play word association with anyone on the street.
Claude Raines—- who?
Ok, show them a photo, If they recognize him, it will be from Casablanca.
That’s great, but I find this to be my favorite of all of his films and performances. He is heartbreaking, brilliant and sweet. The way he puts up with Fanny is incredible. She beats him down and in his final scene he is beat, gray and blind. I find it to be so emotional and powerful, i cry every time. And every time i fall in love with him more and more.
I find it to be one of the most highly UNDER rated films of all time.
I’ve seen it maybe 100 times. I will watch it once and have a need to watch it about 5 more times the same month. Once my husband starts to complain, I will put it away and start all over again in a few months.
As much as I love this film and consider it one of my favorites, I have a complaint. I love love love Bette Davis, yet I don’t buy that she is the most beautiful, sought after woman in NYC. She is pretty, but not to the caliber they make you believe. Norma shearer, yes. Joan Crawford, yes. Bette Davis, not really. I know this is my personal option and may anger a few but, I will never get it.
In closing, this film always makes me giggle as do many of these classics. When Fanny faints you know she is with child. It’s the classic first symptom of pregnancy. If a lady faints, you know she’s in trouble. It makes me laugh every time yet i find it very sweet and innocent at the same time. Damn, don’t you wish they still did it that way? Now we have girls using gas station bathrooms and stealing pregnancy tests. I prefer a good faint. Ahhh, the good old days.
I’d love to hear your feedback on the wonderful Mr. Skeffington, and if you love it as much as I do.


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